Norvergence: America isn’t the Greatest Country in the World

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America was the most remarkable country on Earth. But, elements that drove the U.S. to turn out to be incredible and rich vanished in the mid-1970s.

Norvergence: It was around then that top homegrown oil creation was reached. The U.S. discovered a lot to its shame that when the expense of oil imports surpassed 4% of GDP its economy went into a downturn. This 4% number turned into the signature requirement for developing the economy.

At whatever point the economy began murmuring along, vitality costs would begin rising and the U.S. would immediately hit that 4% boundary.

Norvergence: Another issue emerged with oil imports and that was the U.S. economy turned out to be truly defenseless against interruptions in unfamiliar supplies and got fixated on tying down unfamiliar oil creation to ensure it was dependable and couldn’t be cut off by unfriendly outsiders.

This turned into the principal mission of the Pentagon after the finish of the Cold War.

Norvergence: The U.S. has for quite a few years been gradually declining. Similarly as with the decay of any extraordinary domain, the rich beginning accumulating all that they can. Now they are in any event, battling among one another. As of late a gathering of affluent individuals has assembled a PAC for the sole motivation behind getting Elon Musk.

Norvergence: The U.S. turned around its reformist expense framework with the goal that the well off can assemble considerably more riches. Instead of putting cash in its kin throughout the long term, the U.S. has spent its cash on the military and unfamiliar wars.

What America can do for the World?

Norvergence believes that America is a case of excelsior among all nations and must support its notoriety and status perpetually by being the pioneer in incorporating the world as one for presence can be the best blessing that America can provide for the whole world, let all nations send their kids to learn and imitate progress in their nation with the participation of America to check both overflooding of America yet living the American advancement in different pieces of the world.

Norvergence is a US-based NGO that works on interconnected issues such as Human Rights, Sustainable development, Climate Change, Global Warming, Health, etc.

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