What is Norvergence? Best NGO in the USA

Norvergence, a Guttenbery based US NGO has received a lot of appreciation in the last few months for its efforts in different cities of New Jersey. It was founded in the year 2019 by the world-renowned environmentalist George Stacey.

The team Norvergence has been working in several environmental and social areas such as global warming, human rights, education, etc. Stacey who is also the CEO of Norvergence has given a recent interview to a leading news magazine of the United States of America.

“Norvergence is a mission organized by me and my fellow environmentalists to do whatever we can in order to save humanity from climate and man-made catastrophe”

What is Norvergence? All you need to Know

Norvergence is a vision for a safer and healthier environment. Norvergence is all about adopting sustainable practices in every aspect of life. It is more about a healthy attitude towards the environment and society.

Norvergence and its fellows conduct, support, and advance logical examination pointed toward ensuring the climate and the species that possess them. Their standard pivot of tasks incorporates a worldwide appraisal of populaces and prompting small nations on economical fishing.

This gathering looks for approaches to support sound marine conditions and investigates how sea life educates science on the beginning and advancement of life on Earth.

The gathering’s site expresses its central goal as “to convey, instruct, assess, and advocate for the earth sound, moral, socially, and maintainable utilization of Nature’s assets.

Mission and Vision of Norvergence

Norvergence vision grasps neighborhood change. Be that as it may, the Norvergence vision goes a long way past nearby as mankind currently faces an ecological emergency of worldwide extents.

The world’s most weak populaces experience the best experiencing ecological debasement. Environmental change has set off a destructive dry season, water deficiencies, and out of control fires; air and water contamination undermine food supplies and lifestyles.

It’s the world ecological emergency that can be tackled uniquely through a crucial change of our general public from values dependent on benefit before-all to a methodology based on gathering individuals’ key requirements.

Enduring arrangements occur from the beginning with the investment and administration of occupants and laborers most straightforwardly influenced by contamination and natural corruption. The battle for natural equity is characteristic of the development of social equity in the U.S. what’s more, all through the world.

Norvergence-Our Mission Statements

  • Instruct and impact all inside and outside partners
  • Diminish energy utilization and track execution
  • Decrease water utilization and reuse
  • Improve air quality
  • Limit squander by reusing a lot of materials
  • Execute maintainable acquirement rehearses
  • Take an interest in neighborhood local area ecological exercises

Norvergence-Our Areas of Focus

1. Norvergence-Global Warming: Global warming is the drawn-out warming of the planet’s general temperature.

In spite of the fact that this warming pattern has been continuing for quite a while, its speed has fundamentally expanded over the most recent hundred years because of the consumption of petroleum derivatives.

As the human populace has expanded, so has the volume of petroleum derivatives consumed. Petroleum products incorporate coal, oil, and flammable gas, and consuming them causes what is known as the “greenhouse effect” in Earth’s air.

2. Norvergence-Human Rights: Human rights will be rights we have essentially on the grounds that we exist as individuals — they are not allowed by any state. These general rights are inborn to us all of us, of identity, sex, public or ethnic beginning, shading, religion, language, or some other status.

They range from the most crucial — the privilege to life — to those that make everyday routine worth experiencing, for example, the rights to food, training, work, wellbeing, and freedom.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), received by the UN General Assembly in 1948, was the primary authoritative record to set out the essential common liberties to be all around secured.

The UDHR, which turned 72 out of 2020, keeps on being the establishment of all global common freedoms law. Its 30 articles give the standards and building squares of current and future common liberties shows deals, and other legitimate instruments.

3. Norvergence-Peacebuilding: Peacebuilding is tied in with managing the reasons why individuals battle in any case and supporting social orders to deal with their disparities and clashes without depending on viciousness.

It intends to forestall the episode, acceleration, continuation, and repeat of viciousness, so can occur previously, during, and after clashes.

It is a long haul and community-oriented cycle, as it includes changes in perspectives, practices, and standards.

4. Norvergence-Indigenous Community: Indigenous people groups are inheritors and professionals of one of a kind societies and methods of identifying with individuals and the climate.

They have held social, social, financial, and political qualities that are unmistakable from those of the prevailing social orders in which they live. In spite of their social contrasts, native people groups from around the globe share regular issues identified with the assurance of their privileges as unmistakable people groups.

Native people groups have looked for acknowledgment of their characters, lifestyle, and their entitlement to customary terrains, domains, and normal assets for quite a long time, yet from the beginning of time, their privileges have consistently been disregarded.

Native people groups today, are ostensibly among the most hindered and weak gatherings of individuals on the planet.

Norvergence LLC Team

1. George Stacey (CEO & Lead Author): As we said earlier, George is Norvergence CEO and lead author who has expertise in various environmental & humanitarian issues. She is currently doing extensive research on civil rights movement in the USA and peacebuilding in war-torn areas.

2. James Smith (Branding cum Marketing Manager): James is responsible for all the PR related activities w.r.t Norvergence.

3. Zhao Li (Environmental Scientist): Zhao Li is the lead environmental scientist who has been working with Norvergence for the last 7 months. She is responsible for all the facts & figures w.r.t climate change data.

4. Liam Williams: Liam has recently joined Norvergence as Editor-in-Chief. He is responsible for the final copy sent to the publishing team or other publishers.

Norvergence Premises

1. Guttenberg, New Jersey (USA): The headquarters of Norvergence is situated in Guttenberg. The management along with the key players sit there.

2. Newark, New Jersey (USA): The branch office of Norvergence is situated in Newark. The content and marketing team along with designers worked from there.

Norvergence Content Diary

Currently, 4 websites of Norvergence are running with the latest stories regarding climate change, deforestation, human rights, etc. Norvergence has also published its write-ups on various websites like:

Norvergence: Our Work

We have traveled across the world and talked with people regarding climate change, global warming, and other important aspects.

We have recorded our conversations in the following videos and images.


Being one of the best NGO in Guttenberg and Newark, Norvergence is trying to make a difference and make this world a better place for living.

We can sum up its motto as, “Norvergence believes that everyone should get access to the basic needs of their lives i.e. clean water, food, shelter, healthcare, and a decent living environment.

Norvergence Foundation INC a US-based NGO that works on interconnected issues such as Human Rights, Climate Change, Global Warming, Health, etc.